International Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Industries “SIEL Expo 2013″

Siel 2013

“SATI TUNISIA” will be present at the 12th International Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Industries SIEL 2013, from 6 to 9 March, at the International Fair and Congress CIFCO the “Charguia” in Tunis, one pit to 4.

SIEL is the only major appointment biannual Electrical and Electronics sector. This exhibition is the display of a sector and a market in full development, both influenced by flamed cost of energy and the emergence of a strong demand for other clean, renewable sources.

On the occasion of this event, “SATI TUNISIA” exhibit in booth its main product marketed, namely:

• The cable tray installation and gateways called “S5 Line”;
• The cable tray wire, designated by “Line S2″;
• The system of cable ladders, named “S3 line”;
• And other lines of suspension systems and support structures solutions for medium and heavy loads.

More raceways, “SATI TUNISIA” present two new product lines:

• Components for fixing cables and tubes;
• The ducts, pipes and metal fittings.

It will be presented on this occasion the new website of the company completely modified and enriched with a new area called “Club Technical studies” designed to be a valuable tool for communication, exchange and sharing of data and techno-economic studies, among the Company and the professionals in the electricity sector.


“SATI ITALIA SpA” ( ) the parent company that controls all the activities of subsidiaries around the world, this will also SIEL 2013. Sati Italia complement the range of products of 2 companies (sati and sati tunisia tunisia solar), with other useful solutions for the electrical industry in Tunisia:

• System installation and grounding, para-thunder, equipotential LPS external
• A wide range of cable glands plastic and nickel plated brass
• The cable spiral swivels

They are also present in the stand, other two Italian companies of the Group Carpaneto Sati “Wi-Next srl” and “Nobex S.r.l.”


“NOBEX Srl” ( ), will showcase its different products for fixing sector electrical, hydraulic and buildings.


“NEXT Wireless Srl.” ( ), born of a research group within the Polytechnic University of Turin – Italy, this company is based on the development and the creation of an innovative system for networks WIRELESS. The “WI-NEXT” have its own Wi-Fi solutions, hardware and software know what SIEL 2013.