The new mesh cable trays S2 line is designed to create synergies with other trunking Sati tunisia systems:

  • S5 trunking system;
  • S3 modular cable trays.

The mesh cable trays S2 line is a complete system that uses a number of products (for example covers and shelves) which are already part of Sati Italia’s range of products. The advantages are:

  • installers use products they are already familiar with;
  • wholesalers are able to stock fewer products, thus increasing their availability.

The cover of the S2 line, snaps onto the trunking thanks to its particular shape and, even on vertical installations, it remains firmly mounted without the need for additional clips. When two or more S2 trunking elements are joined, the appropriate ‘joining clamp – GSV 34G’ ensures electrical continuity in accordance with IEC / EN 61537. Additionally, the quick joint GRL ensures a fast and robust join between two S2 trunkings without the need for screws. MS shelves also have appropriate slots to “trap” and firmly secure the mesh cable tray S2 without the need for screws or tools. Indeed the speedy fitting and the secure grip give the system considerable added value.