After a few years of absence, in 2011 Sati Italia reintroduced the modular cable tray system S3 line. The main features of the system are:
1. Snap-on cover: thanks to its particular shape the cover of the S3 line “snaps” onto the trunking and, even on vertical installations, it remains firmly mounted without the need for additional clips;

2.Electrical continuity: when two or more S2 trunking elements are joined the appropriate ‘straight joining clamp’ ensures electrical continuity in accordance with IEC / EN 61537;

3. Thickness:

  • 1.5mm thickness of the rails (long elements);
  • 1.2-1.5mm thickness of the crossbars (short elements);

4. Distance of crossbars: the “step” of the beams is 300mm;

5. Bending radius: 300mm (different radii available on request);

6. Attachment system rail/crossbar element

What is new in comparison to the past is that the S3 line can be sold as a finished product or rails + crossbars. Purchasing rails and crossbars separately can have many advantages:

  • Lower shipping costs: lower volume = lower costs;
  • Flexibility: for some installations the finished product can be awkward to transport, shipping individual rails can solve the problem;

3.Easy fitting: crossbars interlock with rails without the need for screws and nuts. A hammer blow is enough to achieve a firm and lasting attachment.

The S3 system offers a wide choice of components suitable for implementing any type of system. The wire mesh system uses the same Sati Suspension Trunking System which is suitable for average and heavy loads.

Please see the catalogue below to view in detail the complete range of Sati Italia products.


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