The Sati Line Speed is a handy, fast and economical modular system suitable for creating any type of sturdy and adjustable supporting structure. Trunking channels, connecting plates, anchors, special attachments and other accessories flexibly adapt for any situation. Moreover, the only tools needed for the installation of any basic structure are a saw and a wrench. The Sati Speed is compatible with hot-galvanized steel pipes and Sendzimir suspension system accessories for SATI S2 line and S5 line. Sati Speed is particularly suitable for the installation of cable trays and cable tray conduits, pipes for liquids or gases and air ducts. It can be used in civil, tertiary and industrial sectors.

Loading structures are constructed by assembling PRP – PRL – PRM trunking via connecting plates PR, using platelets PAP – PMP, anchor-headed VTA screws and BZF – BZE M10 x 30 washers and screws. The plates, screws and washers must be ordered separately. The presence of holes in PRP – PRL – PRM, increases the number of possible combinations. In addition to the connecting plates PR, all the accessories of the suspension system such as hot galvanized shelves MP and supports SSP – SDP – SRP – SCP – DPP can be used, as well as the Sendzimir galvanized system, in particular ML – PSM – SSM.


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